Terms & Conditions

  • The terms and conditions of use described below, lay down the rules for the commercial relationship between the seller Manuel José Martins Janeiro, portuguese tax payer number 111 247 918, hereinafter Garrafeira Veneza, and the final consumer on the website www.garrafeiraveneza.com.
    The products purchased in the online store depends on the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

    1. Alcoholic beverages available for sale in our online store may only be purchased by people who are of legal age to do so in their country of residence. If in doubt contact us.
    2. Despite our efforts to keep all the features and product images current and accurate, these may not correspond entirely to the product presented. The description, image and any other information of the products presented on this website may be changed without notice. The images illustrating each product may differ from the product delivered.

    3. Certain products may present an inaccurate price, which is why Garrafeira Veneza verifies the prices whenever an order is processed. Consequently, prices displayed on the website are merely indicative and do not constitute a binding contract. If the actual price of the product is less than the price advertised, Garrafeira Veneza will return the difference. If the price is higher,Garrafeira Veneza will inform the customer of the situation by email and will wait for a decision to accept the new price or will cancel the order within 15 days from the date the email was sent.

    4. Products for sale in Garrafeira Veneza’s online store are subject to availability. Orders will be processed in order of receipt and payment, the latte having priority. If an order can not be met in part or in full, the customer will be contacted by us as soon as possible in order to find the most appropriate solution.

    5. Orders will be processed only after payment is received - the order in itself does not constitute a reservation of products.

    6. All orders made on the Garrafeira Veneza website, have a maximum term of payment of 10 days. After this period, the order is automatically cancelled if payment is not received.

    7. Under Portuguese law, all prices include VAT at applicable rates (6%, 13% and 23%).

    8. Promotions advertised in the online store www.garrafeiraveneza.com are valid until the 29/10/2021 at 23H59m. These promotions may not apply to the physical store of the vendor Garrafeira Veneza (Mem Moniz Paderne, 8200-488 Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal) and vice-versa.

    9. The prices presented include the cost of postage for each order. The shipping cost depends on the weight of the package and the respective delivery destination. The shipping cost for abroad is VAT free by the Nº24 of the Art.9 of CIVA and includes 23% VAT for Portugal and Spain. The shipping costs will automatically be calculated while completely your order on the online store. In the case of orders to mainland Portugal over 100€, the cost of shipping is free. The final and total cost of your order are always shown before finalizing your order. These values are subject to change without prior notice. The following table indicates the approximate cost of shipping for Portugal, Europe and other countries - the final costs may differ from values below.

  • Nº of
    1 to 2 0Kg - 2Kg 6,73€ 17,30€ 19,23€    
    2 to 3 2Kg - 5Kg 7,06€ 27,53€ 30,67€    
    3 to 6 5Kg - 10Kg 8,26€ 44,10€ 49,27€    
    6 to 9 10Kg - 15Kg 9,86€ - -    
    9 to 12 15Kg - 20Kg 10,89€ - -    
    12 to 15 20Kg - 25Kg 11,91€ - -    
    15 to 18 25Kg - 30Kg 12,94€ - -    
        0,40€ per 
    each extra
    Kg after
    5,77€ per
    each extra
    Kg after
    6,20€ per
    each extra
    Kg after
    Nº of
    Weight Spain
    1 to 2 0Kg - 2Kg 7,62€ 23,70€ 31,16€    
    2 to 3 2Kg - 5Kg 9,07€ - -    
    3 to 6 5Kg - 10Kg 11,71€ - -    
    6 to 9 10Kg - 15Kg 14,21€ - -    
    9 to 12 15Kg - 20Kg 16,96€ - -    
    12 to 15 20Kg - 25Kg 19,72€ - -    
    15 to 18 25Kg - 30Kg 22,49€ - -    
        0,90€ per
    each extra
    Kg after
    6,94€ per
    each extra
    Kg after
    10,49€ per
    each extra
    Kg after
    Nº of
    Weight Austria
    United Kingdom

    Czech Republic
    Cape Verde
    Anguilla, Algeria, Argentina,
    Armenia, Aruba, Bahrein,
    Barbados, Bermudas,
    Bolivia, Botswana,
    Burkina Faso,
    British Virgin Islands,
    Burundi, Chade, Cameroon,
    Central African Republic, 
    Chile, Colombia, Congo,
    Costa Rica, Cuba, Djibuti,
    Dominican Republic, Egypt,
    El Salvador, Equador,
    Etiopia, USA, Gabon,
    Gambia, Gana, Georgia,
    Granada, Groneland,
    Guadalupe, Guyana,
    French Guyana,
    Guinea, Equatorial Guinea,
     Haiti, Honduras, Israel,
    Jamaica, Jordania, Kuwait,
    Lesotho, Libano, Madagascar,
    Malawi, Mali, Martinica,
    Mauricio, Mauritania,
    Mexico, Monserrat, Morocco,
    Namibia, Nicaragua, Niger,
    Oman, Panama, Paraguai,
    Peru, Puerto Rico, Qatar,
    Reuniao, Ruanda, Russia,
    Saudi Arabia, South Africa,
    Senegal, Serra Leoa,
    Swaziland, Suriname,
    Trinidad and Tobago,
    Tunisia, Uganda,
    United Arab Emir, Venezuela.
    Brunei, Butao,
    China, Fidji,
    Japan, Laos,
    Macao, Malasia,
    Mongolia, Nepal,
    New Caledonia,
    New Zealand,
    Papua New Guinea,
    Paquistan, Samoa
    Sri Lanka,
    Tailand, Taiwan,

    1 to 3 0Kg - 5Kg 33,50€ 47,50€ 46€ 71€ 107,50€
    3 to 6 5Kg - 10 Kg 48,50€ 59€ 65€ 114,50€ 186€
    6 to 12 10Kg - 20Kg 52,50€ 66,50€ - - -

  • 10. In general, an order takes 2 to 3 days to be delivered in mainland Portugal and between 5 to 9 days in Europe. Always register your direct contact so you can be informed by the carrier on the delivery period of your order. We recommend that in addition to the correct address also leave your phone number and email address.

    11. Upon receiving your package you should immediately verify that all products are in perfect condition. If your order is damaged, you should return it to the transport company, duly justify the reason for the return on the delivery note and immediately notify Garrafeira Veneza, which will resolve the issue.

    12. Garrafeira Veneza is not responsible for shipments made to countries where the local law does not allow for the entrance of alcoholic beverages. It is of the customer's responsibility should any respective order be seized by local authorities. In the case of returned orders Garrafeira Veneza will reimburse only the amount of the respective product(s). If in doubt contact us before ordering.

    13. Garrafeira Veneza recognizes all its customers the right to withdraw from the contract celebrated with us, allowing them to return within 14 days of the products purchased under the Decreto-Lei n.º 143/2001 e Decreto-Lei 82/2008 de 20/05. To clarify any doubts, request additional information or send suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

    14. All purchases made at this online store are subject to Portuguese law. Any dispute or difference in interpretation of the General Online Sales Terms and Conditions will be submitted to a competent Portuguese court.

    15. The conditions of this contract shall be subject to Portuguese law.The parties elect the jurisdiction of the Faro District Court for all matters arising under this Agreement that can not be resolved by mutual agreement between the parties.

    16. These online Terms and conditions may be subject to change without prior notice and should therefore be consulted prior to any order.

    17. This establishment has a guest satisfaction book available. Also vailable at www.livroreclamacoes.pt, linked below.
    Company Name: Manuel José Martins Janeiro
    NIF: 111 247 918
    Comercial Name: Restaurante Garrafeira Veneza
    Adress: Mem Moniz Paderne 8200-488 Albufeira
    Telefone: (+351) 289 367 129
    e-mail: info@garrafeiraveneza.com